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“An all-encompassing response to real estate investment”

Established in 1996, Arcange is a private real estate investment company that has invested actively in all real estate asset classes. Since 2007, the scope of our activity has grown thanks to backing from leading French banks that appreciated our approach and successful track record. Capital backing has enabled us to align property transactions of a total value of approximately 1 billion euros.

We are successful because of our capacity to identify real estate assets with high growth potential as well as our dynamic management of the actual property.

In parallel, we have observed changes in the sector, in particular the steady erosion over the years of the importance of real estate fundamentals in investment to the benefit of a, sometimes unprofitable, financial approach.

For these reasons we decided to develop an alternative comprehensive service to help investors in real estate. Our approach involves putting the physical site back into the heart of the investment strategy, with finance used solely as means to an end.

We dedicate our expertise, market intelligence and experience on the ground to serving investors. We work alongside investors for the initial creation of funds, the acquisition of assets, the day-to-day property management, up to and including the ultimate decision of when to sell. Increasing value is our ultimate goal.

In this brief presentation you can find out more about how we have earned and maintained the trust of the most demanding investors. We explain our ambitious objectives in our bid make your investments secure and how our services – Fund Management, Asset Management, Property Management and Transactions – will improve overall investment performance.

Michaël Sfedj
Founder and Chairman of Arcange